Teaching and Learning Literature

Books I have found useful and loved. They look quite pretty too…

This much I know about Love over Fear… by John Tomsett

Based on much of John’s brilliant blog, this book brings to life the stories behind John’s kind and caring leadership style along with many tips and hints at how to be successful without being hard on others. This book is key to much of my thinking and approach to education today and I wouldn’t be where I am now (not sure where that is!) without John’s kind words and advice both through his blog and in person. This is a gentle and necessary read for everyone in teaching.

John T book.jpg

Full on Learning by Zoe Elder:

Such a beautiful book with such fantastic ideas. I’ve used Zoe’s philosophy of learning a lot this past year. The ideas are so well placed, meaningfully explained and indefinitely right in my humble opinion. It is a book you will keep returning to no matter what. I’ve used it to aid my questioning, group work and understanding of all types of learners. It is stunning.





The Little Book of Music for the Classroom by Nina Jackson

This wonderful but little book has helped me on a number of occasions and provided me with knowledge and understanding of why music is powerful – not just in the classroom but outside it too. There are some helpful lists and tips in here as to how to use music. Plus it is another very pretty book!



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